Bus Riding

By: KhepriNafre

May 01 2015

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I ride the bus to work everyday.  As I jam out, head bobbing listening to Janelle Monae I look around and see the silence still around me.  I wonder what everyone is t thinking.  The young man sitting in the front reading a book squished between a pole and an elder, filled with many unanswered questions about life.  Uncertain of how he got to the place he is in right now in his life.  His sense of self says uncomfortableness, and restless.  The only time he feels put together is reading on the bus, he escape into his book and ignore the world around him.  My focus has shifted to the woman who just sat in front of me giving off an “I care” demeanor.  She is concerned with her looks and her status in her professional life, although she may not be in the profession that will put her talents to best use she is gaining confidence with her strengths.  Like a college student in senior year she is ready to take control of her world.  You may ask how could I possibly know these things about people I don’t know.  No one can do that.  I’d say I just know.  It’s like that feeling you get when you walk in a room or pick up a book you might buy, it either feels right or wrong.  We’ve all felt it.  You listen to a friend tell you I’m fine when asked how he or she is doing mean while you “feel” the person is not fine.  We do this everyday without realizing we can pick up on people and how they may relate to themselves and to ourselves.  My morning bus rides help me tune my intuition even more, and the best part is, it’s free.  People watching, some like to call it.  Try it you’d be surprised what you learn not only about the people you watch but about yourself also.  I’ve learned many things about myself by watching others, I realized where I feel I am flawed within myself by pointing out the flaws of others. So I realized there maybe a problem with myself so I look within and make note of why I notice that particular thing and why I feel it’s flawed.  Not only that but also how I feel physically when I notice flaws, maybe my shoulders get tense or I become jittery.  This is my daily practice because I am a healer or a person who facilitates healing and I must be able to read others and more importantly  myself.  So I can help those who do not realize what they need because they are not yet fully in tune with themselves or because they ignore signals.  We’ve all done that.  And I will always continue to learn and hopefully master being in time with myself.  What I have learned is it’s hard starting out but success always starts that way the best is yet to come.


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