By: KhepriNafre

Jul 20 2014

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Category: Life, me, Poetry, relationships, self, Sexual



Today I saw the perfect man during my lunch break

As we spoke my thoughts ran away with me

He looks like an African warrior

And I want to be his POW

I want him to tie me up suspended in the air by my wrists, naked

Well maybe in boy shorts

And I wonder if he has one of those paddles, you know the type that the fraternities have

So he can spank my ass and spank me until the desired ripple effect is achieved

Like when a rain drop hits a pond

I want to be tortured, the sexy way, where pain is pleasure

As he places nipple clamps on my left nipple and rest his hand on my throat he knawls on my ear

I mean like I’m his steak or protein supplement for the day and the heat of his breath flows down the back of my neck leaving goose bumps

I want scars, battle wounds so people won’t ask what I did that afternoon it’s written on my body

I want to be punished like I told the enemy my secrets

Pretend you are a K-9 unleashed upon me

Bite me, bite my neck, my shoulders, you can even go lower

I want those bites that no one wants because it will leave a mark, but they do want because it feels so good, brand me baby

I want to be tortured from behind kinda like they do in the movies, where you spin me around

My back against yours, you yank my head back by grabbing my hair and whisper some nonsense in my ear, then lick my face like you’re a serial killer because I like it nasty

I want you to ripe off my panties rough enough to shock where I’m fearful of what will happen next so when you bite my ass I let out a little yell

As you walk to the front of me I need you to look at me like you’re a lion about to mall a gazelle and before you do, show me that Hannibal Lecter tongue

So I know what’s about to come because in this moment serial killers are sexy

Lose your face between my thighs, mall me like I’m that damn gazelle, and claw my skin because I’m trying to break free, chastise me until I howl like a wolf during a full moon

My thoughts are interrupted by the beeping of my alarm

He realized my lunch was over but before returning to work I said to him

Tonight I think I should be your prisoner of war


3 comments on “P.O.W.”

  1. I love you….

  2. Freaky freaky. Animalistic sex.

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