The Pulsating, Undecover, Sexual, Sensual, Yoni-P.U.S.S.Y.

By: KhepriNafre

Aug 13 2013

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I wrote this poem called Womb-Mans Plea June 2012 and performed it once.  This is close to my heart because I know many women who have suffered abuse to their womb.  The pain we have in our wombs is carried out daily, in our decision making, and in our emotional state. Many of us have abused our wombs without even realizing we have done so.  Be it many sexual partners, sexual abuse, menstrual items, bleaches, dyes, chemicals, ect.  Our womb is the strongest and yet most delicate part of our bodies.  It harvests life, and can expel another human being yet, it is sensitive to constant rough sexual acts, dyes, and certain foods.

Let’s talk sex. Most of us love it, but our wombs memory never fades.  If some one is to rough on her, she may clench in reaction.  That pain is her telling you STOP. I know for some pleasure is pain but not to your womb.  When the next person comes along now she clenches immediately, she remembers the pain once felt so her response is automatic.  Not to mention the scar tissue that occurs from repeated ripping of the walls.

Picture this….. someone taking a sledge hammer to a wall and instead of putting up new plaster you just patch up the hole. When a woman is repeatedly being sledged this is happening to the walls of her yoni.   When it heals tough tissue, scar tissue forms over the ripped skin,  to protect itself against the abuse of rough sex.  Maybe it’s a control thing, she likes being dominated, but have we ever took a second out to think why a woman wants to be roughed up sexually? Is there something mentally, emotionally, physically that happened to her to want such a beating during the most sensual, connecting accent ion possible?  I vote yes, for some of course. home-improvement-sledgehammer-demolish-wall-590jn051010 And why is the connotation that bigger is better? Did the same women who choose rough sex come up with this? It only makes sense the bigger the better when you are being pulverized like a jack hammer. But for those who surpass the abuse average is in their favor. The motion in the ocean they say. And think about the anatomy the walls expand and contract around the magic stick so when it’s to big, that leads to less contractions, more fake orgasms and wounded wombs.  Let me not get off track.  The abuse caused by sexual acts linger with us and play important roles in our lives.  Where once we may have been assertive but after being coerced into sex our assertiveness can disappear. Then we live in fear. Even with the most caring person we get involve with our wombs memory bank is saying HELL NO and your dry as the Sahara Desert. Maybe that’s the reason he does’t get you moist in the ocean. What trauma has she endured that has not yet been healed? Our Wombs plea and cry for us to heal her. Heal her from the abuse that is harmful, and just misused. What about all those stragglers that made the womb their home for a mere 10 minutes. Was it really worth the emptiness you felt afterwards, the disconnect. NO!!! We should not feel this way. Our womb harbors all our emotions and with a sick, unhealthy womb there are many sick unhealthy women.

Personally I think the biggest abuse to our wombs are menstrual products. I mean really.  Haven’t you ever thought what the heck is in those things? What makes it so BLEACH white?  BLEACH, that’s right. We are inserting bleach, dioxin, directly inside us with each tampon and menstrual pad that is used.  Dioxin, or bleach should I say, absorbed in the womb for days at a time is toxic! Wait you know that already from the WARNING in each tampon box-TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME. Just listen to the name Toxic=BLEACH, Shock=womb deterioration, Syndrome. It describes the side affects of this syndrome caused by leaving in a tampon “too long”. I am curious as to how long is to long for bleach to be absorbed directly into your womb? It is said that Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused by the bacteria that has accumulated from a tampon not being changed frequently.  Any amount of dioxin in the womb can cause, fertility problems, birth defects, disruption of the hormonal and endocrine systems and endometriosis.  Women use these products every month, some even sleep in tampons not knowing the serious danger it has on her body. So now the womb has endured sexual abuse and dioxin.  It’s a surprise she isn’t rotting from the inside out!  Or is she?


Now we all love lingerie. Nothing is more sexy than woman showing just the right amount of skin, in stilettos with attitude. But those sexy under garments may come at a price. In my experience I don’t know to many women who are not conscious about the type of garments she wears. Cotton is our best friend, or my personal preference, BARE EVERYWHERE. Dyes, satin, silk and those other crazy stretch materials should not be suffocating our womb. Suffocation should only occur during intimacy and even then she gets air. It’s like this, the womb is like our second mouth, it needs to breath, it needs cleansed and it needs fed. Any questions?

1. Dyes are harsh chemicals which just like our pearly white stringed friend caused damage to our delicate womb.  Our womb, She is not shy at all. Because of the Dyes or tight clothing women have irritation problems or purging. Like i said before, our second mouth.  Actually our first mouth since she brings in life. Those sexy black boy short panties and push up bra have you looking sexy and feeling confident on the outside but your womb is yelling I CAN’T BREATHE! Not only have you cut off her air supply by not wearing cotton but she is drowning in chemicals. No mater how many times you wash your garments, unless you are using completely organic laundry soap. After a long day I strip all that sexy clothing and go BARE! I know in alot of house holds one of our elders would always have on a “house coat” or “sleeping gown” with no bra or panties on. Why? Because they knew the value of womb breathing! So let the dyed garments go, wear cotton, and comando is the way to go.

2. SUGAR is your enemy! Did you know black women are leading statistics with the most cases of bacterial vaginosis??? That means the ph of your womb is not high or I should say balanced enough to fight off the bad bacteria with the good bacteria that or womb makes. Before you get all squeamish, EVERYBODY has bacteria that lives in and in us if we didn’t we would all die. So what’s the cause of this BV, they call it for short. Sugar, we are overweight, and eat so unhealthy. I would say the majority of the average diet consumes at least 100g of sugar a day. Let’s say at least two slices of pound cake. I mean sugar is in everything and we don’t even realize it. It’s in pasta, ketchup, juice and sometimes even your lubricants! To much sugar throws the ph way of balance. But since we are speaking of edibles there is a way to get that ph back in balance. CLEANSE free your body of sugar for a week and lesson your intake overall. Use a cucumber and masterbate. Peel it first of course and make sure it’s not an extra large one because then we are moving back towards abuse. I know sounds crazy right? But the foods actually fix our ailments and this one is a simple fix. Many sexual partners can also cause a disruption in her ph balance. So be choosy when you floozy. Awe come on you know you’re a floozy we all are at times, choosy or not.

Alright, alright, alright. By now you probably want to read the poem in regards to how I feel about the womb and you will but first let’s address HEALING. We must heal our womb from abuse, diseases, ripping, abortions-I’m not touching that one just yet- chemicals ect. So how do we do that, besides the suggestions I stated above I would read Queen Afua’s book Sacred Woman. It is a guide to womb rejuvenation. Take a workshop or if you are doing this alone try some yoni breathing. I would suggest looking up Graceful Empowerment, I have yet to make it to her workshops but I am in her private Facebook group and she is amazing! I’m no expert but from my own personal experiences I got my womb health back by abstaining from sex for a year, meditation, diet change, breathing and just having a conversation with her. My womb is precious. I’ve also became a choosy floozy. Not any doozy can enter this cooo….. Ok, Ok, Ok I stop. Now for my poem


10 comments on “The Pulsating, Undecover, Sexual, Sensual, Yoni-P.U.S.S.Y.”

  1. Asheee !

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  3. this is beautiful.

  4. What a Great read! The information that was unleached was as significant as my monthly cycle and then some. This blog entry leaves me in suspense and hungry for more highlighted facts surrounding this topic, or what ever else you have stored in that master-mind of yours. Impressed is an understatement, more like, inspired to heal my soul catching womb and become a “choosy floozy!”

    • Thank you so much for reading! I value your input. I will write more on the topic of our womb, she is very valuable to us and my best friend. Do keep reading there is more to come!

  5. Very deep and informative. Than-Q for sharing.

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