By: KhepriNafre

Jul 31 2013

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Category: Poetry

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You and me, the greatest taboo. I’m shy but you force me to arrive wide eyed shocked of my own achievements. You see my greatness. I am humbled that you want more, that the words I speak is like your favorite blanket you cuddle with in your sleep, that the melody of my voice keeps you on the edge of your seat, and my life stories are the grim on the bottom of you’re shoe that you are able to relate to. I love you and the feeling of ecstacy given to me by your applause is cause for me to keep going. Writing words on paper is my healing and sharing is my release. I took to pause to achieve peace, but I’m coming back to you, like a war hero coming home to her mate. Me and you are the greatest taboo because I’m shy but my poetry is how I fly.

  • Poetry (whitewolfwriter.wordpress.com)

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